5 Business Trust Commandments

5 Business Trust Commandments

Al Golin passed away last week.

Al is one of the most revered public relations professionals.

He is legendary for having a six-decade long relationship with McDonald’s that started with a cold call to its founder Ray Kroc.

His agency started in Chicago and grew to an international powerhouse.

I was lucky to work for Al as the agency began its meteoric ascent.

Al believed that every client and business relationship was successful because of the trust between those parties whether it was client and agency or whether was it business and customer.

In his famous Trust or Consequences, he outlined his 10 Commandments of Organizational Trust. Al believed that as your company or brand tries to strengthen relationships, build trusted brands and mend fences that his 10 Commandments will expertly guide your efforts.

Here are my favorite five:

  1. Make trust bank deposits even if you’re the most ethical company in the world – always paying forward to your customers and communities.
  2. Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.
  3. Practice humility even when you have plenty to brag about.
  4. Avoid shortcuts be willing to give rather than receive when appropriate.
  5. Hold leadership accountable for trust building efforts.

When I think of Al, he also was a creative, open and engaging leader. And I remember him using phrases like:

  • I wonder if…
  • Think that might work…
  • You know, that was a good job…
  • Hey, I saw this…
  • Call me Al (long before Paul Simon did) …

Genuine expressions and questions like that helped him build client, customer and team trust.

Let’s hope we can all continue Al’s legacies of building trust.

How are you assuring you build trusted relationships with your team, clients and customers?


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