How To Plan Timely And Relevant Content

How To Plan Timely And Relevant Content

How do we plan sharing all our killer content marketing?

My prospect asked me that question last week. Nothing beats a content calendar, I replied.

I suggested he answer these 12 questions and then plan his content in a calendar. There’s treasure in the responses.

  1. When do you typically introduce products and services and related support programs?
  2. What major conferences or shows do you attend and what business and marketing campaigns support them (e.g. Consumer Electronics Show)? You can research your industry for conferences events and occasions relevant to your product and marketplace.
  3. When do your customers and retailers typically purchase the most of our products or services (e.g.  grass seed in Spring).
  4. Are there times of the year when your category gets the most consumer and public attention (e.g. around Flu Season)?
  5. Does our category collaborate with an annual monthly event (e.g. Black History Month)?
  6. Is our brand associated with a major cause (e.g. breast cancer awareness – Think Pink in October)?
  7. When does the highest volume of consumption or participation occur (e.g. grilling on Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day)?
  8. Is there an “official” launch of your business season (e.g. Opening Day of College Football, First Day of Summer)?
  9. How is our business affected by annual events (e.g. Daylight Savings Time, Take Daughter/Son to Work Day)? Grab ideas from this site of designated days (Employee Appreciation Day or today is Unique Names Day, really)
  10. Are your products purchased around major seasonal events/holidays (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Graduation, Mother’s/Father’s Day and Christmas)?
  11. Can you create your own seasonal event (e.g. Movember, Patriot Golf Day for Wounded Warriors, Tailgater Opener)?
  12. Who are your major users or influencers and can they be honored on a seasonal/annual basis (e.g. DiYers Hall of Fame)?

Here’s a pretend calendar for a paint brand for a few months. I suggest keeping a simple calendar and sharing relevant and timely information. Selling home improvement at Thanksgiving, Halloween or even Independence Day feels forced, and customers will feel that, reject it, ignore or even laugh at your story at those awkward times.

Paint Company/Calendar  








Spring Splashes Memorial Day Fixer UP Weekend Sprucing Up The Cottage

Update Outdoor Furniture

Battle Cabin Fever Color Blahs

How do you plan your content calendar?

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