12 Hurdles To Marketing Success

12 Hurdles To Marketing Success

When we talk with clients and prospects in the first quarter, many are concerned that business strategies, and particularly marketing, is faltering on delivering growth.

These clients and prospects are worried that if the situation doesn’t improve, the year is going to become bleaker. As we talk about their frustrations, most are focused on these dozen challenges:

  1. Service or product introductions aren’t generating enough attention or excitement with customers.
  2. Lacking confidence in knowing how to tell their stories most effectively to motivate their customers.
  3. Can’t tell if social media is an effective strategy for promoting their brand, product or service.
  4. Ineffective and unsustainable content marketing strategy and system in place.
  5. Products and promotions are too often seen by customers as the same as their competitors.
  6. Lacking positive relationships with reporters or bloggers who report on their product and service innovations.
  7. Current communications efforts aren’t providing quality leads that result in business.
  8. No communications strategy in place to drive customers to their website.
  9. Inconsistent and not systemic in their communications efforts causing roller coaster results.
  10. Systems can’t effectively measure the ROI of their communications efforts.
  11. Inconsistent, disorganized and underfunded in activating brand ambassadors and endorsers.
  12. Communications aren’t integrated and working across mainstream, digital and hybrid channels.

Sure, there is some overlap here, but all are legitimate concerns.

In upcoming posts, we will talk about how these companies and brands can address these challenges and begin to improve marketing performance and drive growth.

Meanwhile, what challenges have you been faced with so far this year?



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