The 5 Powerful Drivers Of Brand Love

The 5 Powerful Drivers Of Brand Love

Nothing grows business more consistently than brand loyalty, and this a good post for the day of love — Valentine’s Day.

How do you get and keep it?

Renowned marketing experts David Aaker and Andrew Marcum have discovered five variables as potential drivers of brand loyalty amongst two consumer groups — the satisfied and committed. Aaker and Marcum believe these two groups are differentiated by: 

  • The satisfied consumers buy regularly, often out of habit, as they are satisfied with the brand’s performance over a long period. They perceive the brand to be familiar, dependable with consistently good experiences and easy to buy. The brand has become a comfortable habit and there’s no reason to change. For some low-involvement products, the satisfied are the core loyalty group. Think an expression like “one of my favorite brands.” For me, that’s Maker’s Mark, Levi’s and Allen Edmonds.
  • The committed consumers have a more intense, involved relationship with the brand. They are more likely to have an emotional attachment, receive self-expressive benefits and have a use experience that goes beyond merely functional benefits. They are also more likely to be brand supporters, even telling others about the brand and its use experience. For some high-involvement products, a brand should aspire to have a committed group. Think an expression like “I can’t imagine living without.” For me, that’s Titleist, Acura and Nordstrom’s.

Aaker and Marcum discovered these five variables to be potential drivers of brand loyalty, some of which overlap with some brands:

  1. Dependable which means as “always deliver to expectations,” “I can depend on,” “I trust” and “consistent experiences.”
  2. Better described as “better than others” and “only brand that does what it does.”
  3. Social media meaning “has interesting and engaging content online.”
  4. Light emotional connection (LEC) as in “makes me happy.”
  5. Heavy emotional connection (HEC) which means “connects with me emotionally, “makes me feel inspired” and “has a purpose I believe it.”

That’s great stuff, so what factors are driving your brand loyalty?  

For more insight, check out this January post about THE secrets of customer loyalty.

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