10 Communications Strategies Guarantee Powerful Outcomes

10 Communications Strategies Guarantee Powerful Outcomes

In recent conversations, clients and prospects have asked or suggested:

  • What about a bumper sticker?
  • We got to have some direct response ads.
  • Is affiliate marketing the way to go?

I step back and ask:

“That could be a good idea. Tell me more about what you’re thinking?”

The responses generally go along these lines:

  • “It could be really cool; you see them everywhere.”
  • “It worked in my other businesses.”
  • “I don’t know. We just have to try what everybody else is doing.

I then follow up with the question.

“Can we take a minute and talk about our customers and prospects, and more importantly, what are some of our challenges and what results do we want to get from our communications?”

Now, I know that every business has its own particular business issues, but I find this chart to be helpful especially in guiding clients and prospects who ask questions about possible communications actions.

It is from an American Marketing Association study by Rajeev Batra and Kevin Lane Keller. It’s an effective guideline for evaluating likely communications’ outcomes from different communications’ options.

What communications strategies do you want to accomplish and how are you evaluating tools to achieve them?

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