How To Fail In Today’s Marketing World

How To Fail In Today’s Marketing World

Want to fail in today’s marketing world?

Or better yet, try these five Fs to succeed:

  1. Fearless – step outside your comfort zone. Experiment with ever evolving new marketing strategies. If your digital strategy isn’t working, try influencer or mobile marketing? This doesn’t mean being reckless. It means stretching your mind and building more knowledge about successful strategies.
  2. Fail – I am reading Phil Knight’s memoir Shoe Dog and he talks about failing fast. That’s my version of the mantra – “disqualify fast as
    much as you qualify fast.” Get quickly to your most probable customer. Separate the wheat from the chaff ASAP.
  3. Focused – precisely identify the bullseye in impact and buyer persona, and hit them or keep narrowing your target on every touchpoint. Think most probable, ideal and profitable customer.
  4. Friendly – build rapport (engage) with your customers. If they like and love you, they will trust you and buy from you. That’s an irrefutable law of marketing.
  5. Funnel – there is a new path that customers take to buy your brand and product. Get familiar with it and be faithful to it. Take time to create a powerful funnel.

So how are you getting Fs to make a difference and succeed in your marketing!

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