5 Steps To A Smarter PR Campaign

5 Steps To A Smarter PR Campaign

What makes your PR campaign smarter and more successful?

Here are five smart, powerful and practical steps:

  1. Monitor Intelligently
  2. Craft a Thoughtful PR Strategy
  3. Plan Media Relations Tactics
  4. Engage Meaningfully
  5. Measure What Matters

Those steps leverage PR technology and use data at every stage to increase the quality and quantity of media coverage, according to a Meltwater guide.

The guide believes that PR professionals who sacrifice research often work just as hard for a lower PR ROI.  Meltwater suggests that effective PR technology solutions enable data-driven campaigns because they automate the time-consuming tasks that form the basis for smarter PR campaigns.Working Smart 081915

Here is more detail about the five steps and how to activate them to achieve meaningful and impactful results for your company and brand.

  1. Monitor Intelligently to understand your industry’s media environment


  • How do reporters, bloggers, analysts, and customers perceive you?
  • How much coverage are you getting now?
  • What type of coverage are you getting? (e.g., sectors, issues, product lines, etc.)
  • Where are you getting coverage? (e.g., countries, publications, etc.)


  • How are they positioning themselves in the market?


  • What are the industry media trends you might leverage?
  1. Craft a Thoughtful PR Strategy to deliver the right message to the right audience

Hone your message  

  • What topics are trending that can help refine your message?

 Identify target publications

  • Which publications are writing about your company, competition, and market?
  1. Plan Media Relations Tactics to focus for efficient and effective outreach

Identify target journalists/bloggers

  • Who has been writing about your issues?
  • What do you know about them?
  1. Engage Meaningfully to drive relevance and reach

Make a thoughtful connection with individual journalists and bloggers

  • What have they written lately that might help inform the angle you take in your pitch?

Prepare your release for broad distribution

  • When do you want your media releases to arrive?
  • Have you optimized your releases to be found by search engines?
  1. Measure What Matters to understand and present your PR campaign results

Describe media coverage quality and quantity objectively

  • Have you measured your share of voice?
  • Do you understand the sentiment of your coverage?
  • Have you quantified mentions by publication and publication type?
  • Can you describe how the coverage varied by country, region, language, circulation, etc.?

I appreciate these steps because they are so simple, powerful and easy to understand and use for brands or companies of any scale.

What smart steps are you using to achieve meaningful and impactful results for your company and brand?



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