5 Things You Must Know About User Generated Content

5 Things You Must Know About User Generated Content

What’s the role of a brand when everyone is a storyteller?

In today’s marketing environment you have to recognize that:user generated content 110515

  • Your customers are media-empowered and highly vocal when it comes to their brand and product preferences.
  • Customers don’t simply want a say in your marketing – they want a seat at the table, says Crowdtap the marketing platform company.

The question then is how can you mobilize them to drive business impact?

And why is this so important to brands?

  • Nielsen reports that 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations above all forms of advertising.
  • Crowdtap’s research with Ipsos MediaCT, focusing on Millennials, found that consumers ages 18 to 36 trust user-generated content (UGC) 50% more than they do traditional media.
  • That study also found that UGC is 20% more influential when it comes to purchase decisions and 35% more memorable than other types of media.

So what does Crowdtap say are the five things you must know about UGC:

  1. Next iteration of WOM — people have been sharing stories about brands for decades. What’s changed is that technology has made it easier to produce more and better content through which to tell these stories.
  2. Proliferating across the spectrum of social influence — not all content creators share the same reach or skill level. Brands should consider utilizing a mix of everyday peer influencers and expert content creators as part of their overall strategy.
  3. Ubiquitous, influential & impactful — consumers are spending up to five hours a day with UGC, and they also say that peer- created content is memorable and more trustworthy than traditional advertising. For these reasons, Forrester cites UGC as an effective “brand-builder.”
  4. Requires respecting people as you would publishers — remember that partnerships with expert content creators are different than a standard media buy. Respect their editorial visions and calendars to forge lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.
  5. Can power your end-to-end content strategy — when executed correctly, peer-created content can be ported across your entire marketing program and fill your content bucket across earned, owned and paid channels. Keep in mind the legal watch-outs before fully diving in.

The Crowdtap whitepaper offers great advice on optimizing content across earned channels and work with content creators.

So how are you using UGC to connect with all your customers and advocates to build your brand?

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