8 New Lessons About Digital Marketing Landscape

8 New Lessons About Digital Marketing Landscape

Marketers face a more complex and ever evolving digital marketing landscape.

So Ascend 2 and Research Partners asked marketers what are the most significant challenges to digital marketing success in 2016 and how are companies overcoming them?

Here are eight lessons learned in its new 2016 State of Digital Marketing Survey:

  1. Strategically, marketing is generally focused on supporting –not replacing –the sales effort. As a result, 58% say increasing lead generation is a most important goal of digital marketing.Digital Marketing Landscape 030816
  2. More than eight out of ten (81%) of companies rate their digital marketing strategy successful to some extent at achieving their important goals, with 12% rating it “Very successful.”
  3. Successful digital marketing requires financial support, tactical proficiency and strategic efficacy. The most significant barriers to success is a lack of these requirements.
  4. Email and websites are the most effective digital marketing tactics used by more than half of companies (61% and 59% respectively), followed by search engine optimization with 50%.
  5. The effectiveness of digital marketing to achieve important objectives is increasing to some extent for 89% of companies, with 29% saying “Effectiveness is increasing significantly”.
  6. Social media and SEO were named as the most difficult digital marketing tactics to execute. Both tactics are time-intensive requiring skilled resources not always available in-house.
  7. Email and websites are not only the most effective tactics used, they are also two of the least difficult tactics to execute –factors worth considering when developing a digital marketing strategy.
  8. 62% of companies outsource all or part of their digital marketing tactics, primarily the most difficult types to execute. Outsourcing supplements internal skills to improve performance.

Ascend 2 does research-based demand generation.   

What’s challenging you and what’s driving your success in your digital marketing efforts?

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