5 Reasons Your Content Stinks

5 Reasons Your Content Stinks

When content doesn’t get shared, we find it usually doesn’t offer any of these values to your fans or customers:

  1. Educate – it doesn’t adviseor counsel on everyday problems and solutions relating to a product or service. It also doesn’t showcase new, innovative product and service uses. Effective ways to educate also include cases studies, tutorials, “how tos” testimonials and instructional videos. Be sure to feature powerful user generated content.
  2. Inform – it doesn’t alert to opportunities or doesn’t warn about dangers or threats. All company news and updates – product and service introductions, extensions, designs and enhancements and new Guy Stinky Garbage 021016technologies and components – should be shared. This goes for any product or services issues or crises too. Your fans can be your advocates in times of prosperity and difficulty when kept informed. ke
  3. Entertain – it doesn’t amuse through funny videos, visuals or photos or even crazy, but safe and legit uses of the product. What was the last funny brand content you shared? It was timely, one of a kind, never seen or heard before, first and emotional.
  4. Intrigue or Inspire – it doesn’t amaze through user or category pictures, facts or experiences. It doesn’t take a competitive or contrarian stance. It doesn’t inspire through testimonials, quotes or stories or doesn’t promote or advance hot topics.
  5. Engage – it doesn’t give offers, discounts, deals or contests benefitting everyone. It misses out on uniting consumers or advocates to advance as part of a compelling group. And it doesn’t position you or your brand as thought leaders. To be a thought leader, you will benefit from owning a topic within your industry, partner with other experts and opinion leaders, publish often and consistently.

Need some inspiration, check out and hear about successes for brands and organizations of all sizes:

So how does your content reflect these values? 



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