7 New Metrics Demonstrating PR Values

7 New Metrics Demonstrating PR Values

Agencies are delivering sustaining value to clients, and effectively showing that ROI to the clients requires more than just a report.

That’s according to a PRNewswire whitepaper —The New PR Agency Benchmarks For Demonstrating Value to Clients.

This part 3 or a three-part series. Part 1 of this series talked about what values agencies can provide clients. Part 2 talks about a new set of challenges for clients and how agencies are responding.PR measurements 051815

To be relevant and indispensable, agencies must provide savvy insights and strategic ideas, while also helping clients quantify and measure results.

Understanding PR’s impact on key performance indicators for the business and reporting those results is a real challenge for brands that agencies can address. Agencies can help clients quantify PR’s effect on search, lead generation and web site traffic by measuring the following:

  1. Qualified web traffic — measure referrals from earned media pick up & blog mentions by tabulating traffic from referred pages.
  2. Benchmark (and increase) referrers of quality traffic to the client’s web site, achieved through relevant media and blog placements and influencer interaction.
  3. Impact on search rank (“implied links”) for key terms and target web pages generated by earned media mentions.
  4. Adoption of target terms by industry players, and subsequent impact in search results for those terms
  5. Use of target terms or hashtags on social networks, driving increased visibility for brand messages and qualified traffic to key digital assets.
  6. Leads generated, as a function of downloads, registrations or form requests.
  7. Sales – with this range of measurements, PR can make the case that it affects sales.

Thanks to PRNewswire and agency experts including Lou Hoffman of the Hoffman agency and Rebecca Mosley and Amanda Foley of Duo PR for these ideas and insights.

How are you measuring the results of your public relations’ initiatives?



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