6 Customer Lessons From Listening

6 Customer Lessons From Listening

You can learn a lot by listening to your customers before you launch a new product or service. In fact, listening can be:

  • A powerful strategy for discovering what your customer and influencers they think before spending a ton of money on R&D.
  • A valuable asset for spotting industry trends that can lead to new product or service ideas.Relationship Building Words Ball Sphere Networking Paying Attent

Specifically, Meltwater in its Listen Up suggest you can learn 5 things like and I added a 6th:

  1. What sort of positioning or messaging will resonate for a new product or service?
  2. Is chatter around your brand and product more prevalent on one channel, as opposed to another? Perhaps Twitter is better than LinkedIn or Facebook for spreading the word.
  3. Is there a target community out there that might be good for a pilot program?
  4. Are there any key influencers or advocates that you might engage?
  5. Are you seeing any sort of geographical trends that might lead to a new market (good tools break down chatter geographically)?
  6. What type of content you should use to promote your brand and thoughtleadership based on what is shared?

General Mills reinvigorated its Pillsbury brand by listening to conversations about families playing with its dough, and Sun Microsystems changed its offering to what it heard about how customers were really using its tools.

To listen effectively, try these tools recommended by Social Media Examiner.

How are you listening effectively for your brands, products and services and how are you capitalizing on what you learn?


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