Zach Johnson & The 6 Characteristics of A Successful Brand Ambassador

Zach Johnson & The 6 Characteristics of A Successful Brand Ambassador

Zach Johnson arrived a long time ago. See Masters 2007 and BMW Championship 2013. And now he is the Champion Golfer of The Year, having won the Open Championship.

As a pro golfer, Zach is the real deal, and as a brand ambassador, his value really hit home with me Monday when he won.

Zach and my friend’s company SeeMore Putter Co. are in hand in glove. Zach has only played once with another putter on Tour. He returned immediately to his trustworthy SeeMore putter. (And full disclosure, I consult with the brand and am friends with owners, Jim Grundberg and Jason Pouliot).

Zach’s value to SeeMore and his sponsors – Titleist, Transamerica, Egon, John Deere, Oakley and McGladrey — is gaining strength.zach johnson claret jug 072215

Consider that a golf partner and a prospect said virtually the same thing Tuesday – “I wished my daughter could have married Zach.”

To which I replied, “Agreed and how about being a business or brand that he uses or endorses.”


Zach embodies what I have long professed as the six success characteristics for a brand ambassador to energize your brand or company:

  1. Credibility – – your spokesperson’s character and product or service knowledge must be trusted and respected by your target. And there is no more genuine personality and hard-working golfer than the clutch Zach. I remember Zach telling Jim Grundberg when he bought SeeMore – “I have systems for everything I do to assure success in my game, and SeeMore and its alignment system are an important part of that approach.”
  2. Likability– – customers buy from people, brands and companies they like, so make sure your target is fond of your spokesperson. Zach’s victory lap with fans at the Open exemplified this. He may not be Rory now, but he is a gracious and likable hero.
  3. Relevant – if your spokesperson is not meaningful to your product or service and it may seem obvious, but his impact will be negligible. Zach and his putting performance under pressure personifies SeeMore Putter Co. And his 12 wins on Tour and THE two majors are incredibly meaningful.
  4. Energizing– – if people don’t get excited or enthused about your spokesperson and his or her affiliation with your product; they will ignore this endorsement. A 30-foot birdie putt to get into a playoff is hot and hotter.
  5. Recognizable– – your customer must instantly and I mean immediately recognize your spokesperson as you are borrowing not only his trust but also his awareness. Zach might not hit this like Rory or Jordan Speith with most sports fans, but he is becoming more known by all golf fans and many more fans in general. Consider this, I talked to one of the FedEx cup playoff tournament directors this week and he is thrilled knowing The Champion Golfer is coming to his event.
  6. Transferable– be sure their personality can be activated across all mainstream and social media platforms. If he offers the above characteristics, he will transfer well. And if his performance is proven and systematized use it to create a new brand platform like SeeMore did with the SeeMore Putters’ Institute.

Does an endorsement really mean anything to your business and brand?

A spokesperson’s power is in this renowned Harvard Business School Study that found:

“A positive pay-off to a firm’s decision to sign an endorser, and that endorsement are associated with increasing sales in an absolute sense and relative to competing brands. Additionally, sales and stock returns jump noticeably with each major achievement by the athlete…”

Here’s some good ideas for optimizing a brand ambassador relationship>

How does your endorser or spokesperson reflect these success characteristics?


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