5 Reasons People Make Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

5 Reasons People Make Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Here is a smart and powerful guest post from Katie Leimkuehler of Leimkuehler Media, one of my strategic partners and an expert in social media marketing.

Today, businesses are still struggling to capitalize on social media and connect with their fans online.  Why?

Mainly, it’s because they don’t take the time to plan and implement their social media with their fans in mind. Want to learn what not to do? Here are five mistakes businesses continue to make on social media and how to avoid them.katie leimkuehler photo 062815

  1.    They don’t know who their core audience is and how to connect with them. This is a classic mistake: thinking you know your audience and the type of content they like. But if you aren’t getting likes, comments, shares, or retweets, you aren’t on the right path.  Take the time to listen to the conversations your fans and followers are having.  Pay attention to what else they are liking and following, and create a strategy based on your research.
  1.    They overly self promote their own product or business. No one likes a walking advertisement and the same goes for your social media. People want to know what you stand for, what you care about, and the people running your business. They don’t want to be sold something every day. They want to learn about you and read content you care about. The way you market your company and the values it has–speaks volumes about your business and who’s behind it.
  1.    They don’t interact with fans or followers. If you aren’t responding to every new follower or comment, you are missing a huge opportunity to build relationships with potential customers. These people went out of their way to share your content and like your posts. They should be acknowledged for that—especially if you hope they will do it again.
  1.    They don’t create a social media strategy. You wouldn’t pitch an investor or client without a plan, so why would you approach your social media without one? Posting random content with no focused efforts is a sure sign your social media will fail and fail fast. You need to be deliberate in your social media and understand what the goal of creating a social media presence is for your business. The more thought, planning, and research you put into building a solid social media strategy, the quicker you will surpass your competitors.
  1. They don’t invest in their social media. If you’re thinking of hiring your boss’s college age son to run your social media, think again. Most social media mistakes happen when a company gives the social media reigns to someone inexperienced. If you really want to build relationships with your fans and create online connections with potential business partners, you need to hire someone who has done it before and who can get you results.

How are you avoiding these mistakes and taking advantage of Katie’s advice?

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