5 New Ways That PR Firms Deliver Business Value

5 New Ways That PR Firms Deliver Business Value

The role of PR agencies and their work for clients is growing in scope and business impact, according to leading PR experts in a PRNewswire whitepaper —The New PR Agency B Benchmarks For Demonstrating Value to Clients.

This is part 1 of a 3-part series. Part 2 talks about clients’ 3 specific challenges and Part 3 addresses 7 new measurements.

Agencies have broadened their client relationships as they deliver digital, mainstream and hybrid communications strategies. As such, firms now provide value that reaches far beyond periodic campaigns:

  1.  Helping clients achieve goals more effectively and comprehensively by better defining business objectives and building strategies to deliver real outcomes. Drawing from experience with other clients, Values iconagencies can get clients beyond the clipbook and create new measurement systems that track business impact and ROI.
  2. Understanding of how (and when) to utilize new tools, enabling the client to communicate more efficiently. It now is a core agency competency to create strategies and offer counsel on the right tools across multiple platforms and channels.
  3.  Developing a more holistic view of the brand within the market, and observing and recognizing and capitalizing on trends with objectivity and providing new perspectives and improved thinking to clients.
  4. Finding and telling the brand story authentically and converting that story into a lasting narrative. PR has been the champion of telling the client’s story, and is very extremely skilled at storytelling. When using that capability in content development, an agency can deliver a robust library of content assets. Agencies, especially those with strong niche expertise, can excel at creating meaningful and impactful content. And they also can excel at finding the best ways to send those stories out to your audiences.
  5. Providing insight into their customer base. An agency’s chief value is market and customer insight. That allows firms to provide new relevant and impactful ideas and insights and guidance on what strategies and tools that clients should be using for greatest impact.

That’s an assimilation of ideas provided by PRNewswire and agency experts including Lou Hoffman of the Hoffman agency and Rebecca Mosley and Amanda Foley of Duo PR.

What values are important to you and your clients?


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