Jordan Speith — Brand Ambassador Master In 9 Ways

Jordan Speith — Brand Ambassador Master In 9 Ways

Jordan Speith is an exceptional golfer and brand ambassador for golf, Under Armour and most important himself.

Here are nine of his masterful character attributes that make him such a strong and appealing ambassador:Speith And Jacket 041415

1. Humble — this is such an endearing quality in him and so valuable when you reach the top.

2. Confident — he is comfortable in his own skin and will represent himself anywhere from the locker room to the CEOs office.

3. Respectful — of his peers and legends of the game. They all appreciate him that’s why the previous Masters’ Champ and legend Ray Floyd made a special him effort to wish him good luck on the practice green before his final round. Floyd was the last Masters’ champion to lead all four rounds — almost 40 years ago.

4. Likable – you know you are appreciated when your competitors’ caddies and former champions like Zach Johnson are there to congratulate you after winning the Masters.

5. Skillful –– he performed on the biggest stage with the lowest record score and sustained his lead again and again over the weekend.

6. Genuine — he is not an act, what you see is what you get. He is real when he says that his autistic sister Ellie is his inspiration.

7. Resilient — he lost the Masters and The Players Championship in 2014 but he was driven to win his first green jacket.

8. Grateful — for his family, lifelong friends, sponsors and the game.

9. Approachable – you know that when you meet and greet him on the street he will be eager to shake your hand.

Golf viewership seemed to support Jordan’s appeal. CBS earned a 9.6 rating Sunday, a 23-percent increase from 2014. That followed third-round coverage featured a rating of 6.5 percent, 48 percent higher than 2014. Keep in mind, Tiger Woods didn’t compete and Phil Mickelson missed the cut last year so the telecast attracted the fewest weekend viewers since 1957. Even so, ratings climbed outside the weekend too. ESPN, which aired the first two rounds in the Thursday and Friday afternoons, earned a 2.1 rating Friday and a 2.2 rating Thursday, increases of about 17 and 38 percent, respectively.

I also can say that the Under Armour store on Michigan Avenue in selling the Under Armour shirts and slacks Jordan wore during the Masters off the shelves. I bought a few for birthday presents and one for myself. Under Armour recently surpassed Adidas to become the second-biggest sportswear brand in the US by sales.

Jordan has got me, and many others it appears.

Do we have a new American hero in sports? I say so, especially when he seemed after the legendary Michael Jordan.

What attributes do you look for in your brand ambassadors?

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