Your Truth Works Now And Forever

Your Truth Works Now And Forever

Come on, Man!

Do you really think the public is that stupid?

Why do you athletes and organizations continue to make up these whoppers about what has happened to them? Just tell the truth and nothing but the truth. It will preserve your reputation.Truth 012615

That whopper didn’t convince Father Imbus in grade school. We got after school detention that day.

So what should you, your CEO or brand spokesperson when an embarrassing and compromising story comes out? Do your research and diligence quickly and when you talk to the media and the fans please:

  • Tell the truth and respect that your audience is a heck of a lot smarter than you think.
  • Tell the truth and what you say will come back to haunt you.
  • Tell the truth and you and your team will never get your story wrong.
  • Tell the truth and you will never annoy and risk losing your fans.
  • Tell the truth and your story evaporates into the atmosphere and isn’t an ordeal you prolong.
  • Tell the truth and you adversaries will abandon the witch hunt.
  • Tell the truth and it shall set you free of today’s business disruptions and future interruptions.

What’s the gain — reputation intact and stronger media relationships to lean on when a future crisis or even a better story is worth telling.

I’s really that simple. After all, telling the truth is the eighth commandment, right Father Imbus?

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