The 5 Dimensions of Potent Content

The 5 Dimensions of Potent Content

Experts agree that planning a smart, powerful and comprehensive content marketing strategy involves much more than just mirroring a keyword report and publishing shallow, nearly repetitive blog posts every day.

A Meltwater paper has identified five dimensions that you should be evaluating every single piece of content that you produce:Doodle Content Marketing 102815

  1. Reader Cognition — your audience is diverse in how they digest content, so show diversity in your content—including visual and audible posts, and interaction are needed to reach all readers.
  2. Sharing Motivation — sharing is essential in this social market to extend your reach to a wider and relevant audience. There are specific reasons why readers share content. Readers share content to increase their value to others, create an identity online, involve themselves in their community, extend their network, and bring awareness to causes. The New York Times study offers insights on sharability. And Marketo says there are seven functions of shared content. Finally, Relevance nails sharing in this post about seven content things people love to share.
  3. Persuasion — Robert Cialdini’s research has identified six principles of persuasion—liking, reciprocity, consensus, scarcity, consistency, and authority. How are you persuading your readers to move from one moment to the next in their customer journey?
  4. Decision-Making — every individual is affected differently from a variety of supporting factors when making a decision. Trust, facts, emotion and efficiency all play a role, with combinations of all of them. Balanced content with respect to supporting criteria is a best practice on every piece of content. Effective buyer personas facilitate this process. Hubspot has an excellent template for developing personas.
  5. Factors — as we write content, we often don’t think about other factors influencing a person outside the content we’re discussing. Every decision we make isn’t just evaluated personally but also driven by our friends, family, and company.

How are you following these five dimensions or what dimensions are guiding your content?

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