Expert Reviews Are The Most Compelling Content

Expert Reviews Are The Most Compelling Content

This is probably no surprise but expert reviews are the most powerful online content, reports Nielsen which measured relative impact of three different online content types: expert reviews, branded content and user reviews.Experts 011915

Nielsen studied how such content affected awareness and familiarity, perceptions (likability), and purchase consideration for nine products.

Those reviews — credible, third-party online articles — were the most effective across all three stages of the purchase process: increasing purchase consideration 11%, affinity 12% and familiarity 15%.

Expert content lifted familiarity 88% greater than (›) branded content, and 50% › user reviews; affinity, 50% › branded content and 20% ›user reviews; and purchase consideration, 38% › branded content and 83% › user reviews.

Respondents saw content for auto insurance, new cars, HDTVs, smart phones, dryers, child seats, digital cameras, video cameras and electric toothbrushes.

So how can you take advantage of this?

  1. Build your expert IQ –know and understand all the most influential experts. Foster relationships with experts regularly and consistently.
  2. Court them and support them –involve experts in the research and development of your products and services.
  3. Bring them in from the cold — create a team of experts to advise and counsel how to work most effectively with them.
  4. Put them on your team — when appropriate, hire the experts to become your brand and communications managers.
  5. Show your cards – transparency build authenticity, so be sure the world understands your relationship with experts. No funny business allowed.

Expertise still counts, so keep them top of mind and involved.

How are you doing this for your brand?   

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