Show And Tell For Valuable Content — Favorite 2014

Show And Tell For Valuable Content — Favorite 2014

This  simple, sensible and powerful posts was one of my favorites of this year. After all, who doesn’t like show and tell? I particularly like this visual. I call it take the gorilla to work day. Hope you enjoy this post again.

I had a conversation with a client today, and he asked me how he could develop valuable content in his lead generation strategies.

I suggested thinking of that old grade school exercise Show and Tell as a structure for powerful content.

Here is another favorite post from 2014. The content is valuable for all forms of communications (now, what would you expect me to say?). I especially liked the visual here. Who can’t remember show and tell days?

Here are the elements of Show and Tell content structure:

1.       Show

  • Case studies – what problems have you solved and what opportunities have you capitalized on for your clients? Marketing Profs says case studies are most Show and Tell 040914valuable for 88% of marketers
  • Testimonials – what are your satisfied clients saying about you, your team, capabilities and solutions?  A huge number of consumers (90%) say purchases are influenced by online reviews, according to a Zendesk survey.
  • Advice and counsel – how can you demonstrate your thinking processes on a relevant problem or opportunity? A blog and slideshare presentation can be ideal.
  • Free consultations – how can you create and provide a free one-hour phone consultation system?

2.       Tell

  • Qualifications – what positions have you held and what have been your responsibilities?
  • Capabilities – what are your proven tools and technologies to solve prospect or client’s problems?
  • Processes – what are your proprietary systems to analyze situations and present strategies for a client’s problem or opportunity?
  • Clients – who you have built relationships with while solving their business succeed?
  • Team – who are your experts and what is their expertise that is relevant to a prospect or client’s situation?

So, how do you structure your content to show and tell to your clients and prospects?

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