5 Fundamentals To Energize Content Marketing Like The Big Guys

5 Fundamentals To Energize Content Marketing Like The Big Guys

General Electric is kicking tail in content marketing according to the Journal.

I hear you.  Content marketing is only for the big guys.  Well, here are 30 small businesses from jewelry to beer to restaurants kicking it too. These B2B companies are succeeding too.Underdog

They and GE have these five fundamentals in common to energize and muscle up their content  marketing and become the superdog:

  1. Assign specific business goals– brand awareness and reinforcement, customer service, lead generation, lead conversion and nurturing, customer conversion, customer upsell, passionate subscribers and subscription,  says the Content Marketing Institute.
  2. Create a plan – smart, simple and savvy – what to post, how to post and most important, why you are posting , Marketo has great ideas and insights for creating a plan.
  3. Make someone responsible – marketing or PR manager or even customer service manager.  These  Job descriptions from Kapost  cover specific tasks. Your person can and should do only what’s best for the customer and your business (see goals above).
  4. Develop a schedule – make it accommodate your clients, prospect and your other responsibilities.  Tuesday and Thursdays may be posts days, so then they are. Regular and consistent posts will assure that fans and followers know and look for them. Econsultancy has a variety of templates and ideas here.
  5. Measure actionable results – see goals above and consider a simple and smart measurement system as proposed here by Curata.

Yes, these fundamentals can help you energize and muscle up your content marketing and get results like the big and small guys .

What fundamentals assure your success with content marketing?

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