Best Next Marketing Practices

Best Next Marketing Practices

Here are valued marketing insights from 2014 Forrester Forum for MarketingBeyond the Campaign.

Its presenters stressed that the marketing campaign is officially dead, and that customer touch points, experiences, engagement across multiple channels and moments are the next marketing horizon as well as:crystal ball 111914

  • The age of the customer — tactics and content benefit from become customer-centric, rather than product or service-centric.
  • The importance of robust and insightful data— data and metrics drive every marketing decision, and data fuels more informed and better decisions.
  • Engage with customers in context— connections must be made in relevant ways, based on an appropriate opportunity or challenge test – at retail, events or anywhere near a brand.
  • Personalization of content and experiences — there is great value in knowing your customers personally. Engagement can be instantaneous, so the interaction must be highly personal.  So, real-time data is critical.
  • Seamless solutions required— seamlessly mending customer touch points from the customer’s perspective is imperative with the greatest value in bridging the gap between the brand and the experiences.
  • AND the brand is the experience – each customer interaction and customer’s perception  define your brand minute by minute.

Some of this isn’t earth shattering, but important to keep in mind especially as 2015 budgets are being finalized.

What are your next marketing practices and how are they embracing with these trends?


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