8 Strategies for Building Powerful & Profitable Client Relationships

8 Strategies for Building Powerful & Profitable Client Relationships

It’s a new season of business, and one ready for us to grow not only our revenue but also client relationships.

I recalled this Wall Street Journal informative story about how happy your marriage is. It is written by Elizabeth Bernstein and listed these eight categories to get a sense of strength and weaknesses in their marriage.Heart Client 090214

The categories actually apply to a powerful, productive and profitable client relationship (I stretched a little on intimacy but I think you’ll get the point):

  • Trust there is a sense of trust in the relationship.
  • Companionship my client and I feel connected when we are together, even though we are not saying much, perhaps waiting for our flight or sharing a taxi.
  • Intimacy – – we know how each other likes to work effectively, efficiently and profitably.
  • Validation – – I listen and hear my client; my client listens and hears me.
  • Conflict – – when there is conflict, my client and I can usually compromise. My client and I are able to focus on the conflict at hand, rather than bringing in other issues and escalating our disagreement.
  • Assistance – – my client celebrates with me when something good happens to me. I celebrate with my client when something good happens to him.
  • Teamwork – – my client and I agree on financial expenses.
  • Boredom – – my client and I like to try new ideas on a regular basis.

What categories to you use to evaluate and build an effective, efficient, productive and profitable client relationship?

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