Summer Musings of Bygone Vortex

Summer Musings of Bygone Vortex

Remember this post and how we pledged to never complain about summer. Perfect low 80s in Chicago today.

I woke up to subzero temperatures again this morning. We have enjoyed 20 such days in Chicago this winter.

Hey, we live in the Midwest, that’s what winter is or was. Regardless, here are a baker’s dozen or so  reasons why I like a cold winter:

1.  Fire – you can toss a few logs on the fireplace. Pour a glass or red wine and chat with friends.

2.  Reading – you can read those great books you received for Christmas. I am on my third.cold weather 2 021114

3.  Television – you can watch award shows, the West Coast golf swing and Big 10 basketball live or on the DVR and Oscar nominees on demand or Netflix.

4.  Fresh air – nothing is more invigorating than cold, fresh air when you are walking in the morning and evening.

5.   Snowy fairways – it looks like the grass is comforted with a nice, cozy blanket. Looks better than brown grass.

6.   Taxes – we hate all that processing and forms, etc. but at least we don’t have to do them in July when a barbecue or another 18 beckons.

7.   Closets – see taxes, who wants to clean closets in June during the US Open? I found suits to donate and alter (take ins, really).

8.   Adversity – come on, we are tough here in Chicago and let’s show it. No pain no gain, right?

9.    Putting – on your carpet or at an indoor golf practice center, and you will improve. Hey, I am using the claw now and my putting stroke looks good.

10.   Spirit – a friend put it so well – “I am going to stop complaining because it can infect everything I do.” Nice.

11.   Good content – how could I write this post without old man winter?

12.   Clever expressions – Polar Vortex, Minnesnowta and my personal and biased favorite, Chiberia.

13.   Weather reporters – so entertaining with fronts run downs, wind chill explanations and those stand in front of mounds of snow shots.

14.   Sunshine – on top of blue skies basking on snow makes for a great afternoon of winter activities from snowshoeing to skiing.

Finally, I read recently this story reporting that we actually toughen against cold weather the colder it gets.

What are you gaining from the winter of 2014?

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