4 Ways The Tiger Woods Brand Can Stay Relevant

4 Ways The Tiger Woods Brand Can Stay Relevant

Is the Tiger Woods’ brand losing relevance?

Any brand’s relevance is based on the ACE formula of Awareness, Credibility & Energy.

Tiger nails two of the three components:

Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy

Unfortunately, Tiger’s brand is losing energy, which can be a slippery slope to irrelevance.

Here are four things he can do to counter the loss:

  1. Be healthy – Tiger can show us how to stay fit through his Tiger-Nike training fitness plan. It must be miraculous to get him through three rounds last week. Golfers would flock to this chance to get stronger.
  2. Have fun – now more than ever Tiger needs to have more fun like he and Rory had in their famous Nike No Cup Is Safe commercial. I also like the way Nike is dressing him in robust colors.
  3. Show some personality or just smile – Tiger smiled often at this pre-WGC Cadillac tournament news conference. Like his game in his prime, that smile is unbeatable.
  4. Promote real legacy – 14 majors are a golf legacy but that Tiger Woods Learning Centers and Scholars testify to a real-life legacy.

What is your brand doing to stay relevant?


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