Get Creative Friday — 3 Ways to Build Your Creativity Bank

Get Creative Friday — 3 Ways to Build Your Creativity Bank

A few of my strategies for creative inspiration include: collecting, wandering, listening and journaling.

Here’s how they work:

1. Collecting – I collect all creative direct mail, magazine ads, greeting cards, blog posts, and even product packages and keep them in an old Tupperware container. I keep original or scanned copies. I also purge this on a monthly basis and keep the most inspirational ideas.

2. Wandering I go to the mall, Starbucks, Home Depot, smaller boutique stores, trade shows and when I drive I check out billboards (especially around airports). I wander and observe and make notes and take photos on my smartphone. Photos go in the container and notes are logged into an ideas journal. I recommend using a notes app for your phone that can be synched to your lap or creative inspiration 010913desktop. I use Microsoft Notes.

3. Listening – I pay attention to homilies at church, instructions from our choir director, monologues (Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are inspirations), quotes, instructions from golf coaches, jokes (especially told by good storytellers), advice (love cooking shows for this). My notes go into my creative journal.    

I call these strategies building my creative bank, and as we know it’s always important to make deposits before withdrawals.

So where and how do you find creative inspirations and building your creativity bank?

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