Leadership Monday — Best Marketing Advice Received And Given

As we move to the New Year, we will be receiving a lot of advice about what to do in 2014.

Silverpop, the email and marketing automation firm, interviewed five experts on the best marketing advice they ever received and the best they ever gave.marketing-advice 121013

The firm interviewed:

  • Scott Monty (is that a cool name?), global digital and multimedia communications manager for Ford Motor Co.
  • Andrew Kordek, cofounder and chief strategist for Trendline interactive.
  • Peter Shankman, marketing consultant, author and founder of Help A Reporter Out.
  • M. H. McIntosh, founding partner at Acquire B2B and CEO of marketing and consulting firm McMcIntosh Inc.
  • Bert Dumars, now analyst at Forrester and former vice president of digital marketing and e-commerce at Newell Rubbermaid.

I appreciated this eclectic and powerful group of marketers’ advice:

  1. Consider your audience first, then manager your brand’s place within, Monty“People want to be treated in a respectful way; they want to be able to relate to people like them; and they want to be part of something bigger than themselves and to contribute to the world around them.”
  2. Do your own thing, then do it simply and really well, Kordek.When you think you have to do everything everyone else is doing, you complicate things rush things and don’t do them correctly or with any thought process behind. Many companies have fallen prey to that pressure.”
  3. The zany bird gets the worm, but it must work hard to earn its audience, Shankman. Having an audience is a privilege and not a right. It’s like wearing spandex. Keeping the people you have entertained, happy and informed has to be the priority. When you do that and do it well, you will grow organically.”
  4.  Get to it already, but put the brakes on the hard sell, McIntosh. “Instead of planning to get ready to get started, you just need to do it. Perfection is about practice, and you’ll never realize it if you don’t get it — whatever it is – out the door.”
  5.  When it comes to your site, it’s about usability, usability and usability, DuMars. “In the world of e-commerce, marketers have to deliver a brand experiences relevant to the brand they’re trying to sell, but usability is key no matter what you’re trying to sell. We have to move from brand building to also providing art as consumers with an exceptional shopping experience, which in today’s world needs fast and easy transactions like buying, browsing and customer service.”

Can advice get more powerful than that?

What’s the best marketing advice you have received or given?

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