Posted on December 10th by Kevin Donnellon

What makes a brand legendary?

How big a brand do you have to be? Smaller in size, but big in brand legend elements.

In fact, you can be the size of the best breakfast (and lunch) restaurant in Chicago and the world – Ina’s Kitchen owned by Ina Pinkney.Ina-Pinkney-Book 121013

Ina has been in the food business for 33 years. Her famous place has been in Lincoln Park, Streeterville and the West Loop. Her domain name is How good is that?

Ina’s food, staff and atmosphere are so yummy and refreshing. Additionally, here is what makes Ina a legendary brand:

  • Personality – as warm and sweet a person as you can get; she can converse about any topic expertly.   
  • Love – expressed in her fine menu and undivided attention to her customers.
  • Spirit – as a winner and makes everyone around her excel.
  • Bonding – engages her customers like the great friends they are or will become. Since learning of her closing, I have eaten there four times in a packed room. Each time, there are many regulars just pining for an encore.
  • Novel – fulfilling her promise in her compelling and tasty offerings and her charming restaurant in an old industrial building.
  • Appreciation – for anything that helps a customer like free parking always, which is becoming novel itself in Chicago.

Sadly, Ina is retiring in a few weeks and the store will be sold to another legendary brand – Lou Malnati’s.

Needless to say, Ina will be sadly missed. So hurry over to the restaurant before January 1 and get her to sign one of her cookbooks – Taste Memories – Recipes for Life and Breakfast (great holiday gift).  

Maybe you can become legendary in your kitchen or even as a brand?

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