Jason Dufner’s Brand Reputation Lessons

Jason Dufner’s Brand Reputation Lessons

Jason Dufner, congratulations on your PGA Championship!

Talk about redemption after his disappointing loss in 2011, and many of his fans saluted him on Twitter, GolfChannel.com reported.

What’s the likelihood of Jason using performance-enhancing drugs, betting on his own team, partying all night long in Vega or being involved in some other scandal?

Nothing would surprise me, but I think we can celebrate this young man for now.

And I’m certain that what you see is what you get — cool and grounded.

He’s also likable, reliable and predictable.  What you see is what you get with Jason.  And boy, did he perform under pressure.

Jason personified confidence. And he did so in such humble fashion. I love his tribute to Ben Hogan on his Twitter page, showing his respect for tradition (his market).

Isn’t that what we want from people or brands that we admire — confidence, consistency, performance and humility?

Sounds like he meets most of Interbrand’s leading brands’ strength factors.

How can your brand be more like Jason?

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