6 Lessons Gained From 400 Blog Posts

6 Lessons Gained From 400 Blog Posts

This is my 400th plus blog post.

I have loved writing them. What lessons have I gained from them?

  1. Trying out ideas.
  2. Learning something.
  3. Sharing news and lessons.
  4. Connecting with colleagues, clients, prospects and influencers.
  5. Demonstrating expertise.
  6. Thought leadership.

When I started blogging, I followed the advice of pioneer blogger Debbie Weil. And I was motivated by colleague, social media mentor and Wolverine fan Miguel Wong.   Their advice on blogging fundamentals  was invaluable.

I reconnected with colleague Jayme Soulati, who has written a terrific new book on blogging and speaks regularly about this important marketing tool. I have always appreciated Jayme’s advice.

I was really inspired by this post from marketing and media authority Chris Brogan on how to write 3 blog posts a day.

My favorite Chris tip:

“I keep a notepad in my back pocket all the time. I use my phone to take photos of interesting/curious things. I jot down ideas as they come to me, as often as possible. My notebooks are full of ideas for potential blog posts and for topics for later dates. I have hundreds and hundreds of ideas at the ready, in case I ever hit a wall.”

So thanks to Chris, my blog posts start like this illustration.  

People ask me where I get my ideas. It’s simple and fun by:

  1. Reading mainstream media (Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, Sports Illustrated and People) and, blogs (see my blog roll on right side of this post) and research reports (Pew Research Center and Nielsen are great sources).
  2. Initiating and listening to conversations over dinner, golf or coffee (at Starbucks especially where whacky can happen).
  3. Observing while driving. I live in Chicago, so highway billboards are provocative.
  4. Going to bookstores – book titles are always inspirational.
  5. Walking around my neighborhood  – channeling Tina Fey. I read that Jerry Seinfeld based his routines on hanging out and making notes in different neighborhoods.

Generally, I want my blog to accomplish 5 goals:

  1. Inspire.
  2. Educate.
  3. Enlighten.
  4. Entertain.
  5. Inform.

And hopefully in the process, I can engage readers, friends and fans.

My favorite blog posts:

How am I my doing and what can I do better for the next 400 posts?

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  • Hi, Kevin! Thanks for including me in this esteemed bunch. I love blogging and have been at it 3.5 years. The journey is so rich with rewards and they only come with consistency over time.

    Great to see you back at Macali; let’s connect real soon? You were on my list the other day, too!

  • P.S. Can you please add a social media share bar? I can’t share this post!! Thanks!

  • Yes, will do. Thanks for your comments. Headed out and will advise on share bar. Hugs.

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