Social Media’s 3 Major Impacts On Marketing

Social Media’s 3 Major Impacts On Marketing

How is social media impacting marketing?

Uh, immensely but how has it affected marketing specifically now that it is turbo use?

its major impact has been seen in three valuable ways, according to market research firm Nielsen:

1. Social word- of-mouth — social media enables consumers to generate and tap into the opinions of an exponentially  larger universe. Word-of-mouth has always been valuable to marketers, and it had been  limited to personal interactions. Social media has removed that limitation and empowered consumers.

2. Hyper-informed consumers – – social media is transforming the way consumers across the globe make purchase decisions. Consumers use social media to learn about other consumers experiences, find more information about brands, products and services and to find deals and purchase incentives.

3. Opportunity for engagement – – consumer attitudes toward advertising on social media are still evolving. While about 33% of social media users find ads on networking sites more annoying than other type of Internet ads, research suggests that there are opportunities for marketers to engage with consumers via social media. In fact, more than a quarter of social media users say they’re more likely to pay attention to an ad shared by one of their social connections. Additionally, more than a quarter of consumers are okay with seeing ads on social networking sites tailored to them based on their profile information.

Check out this smart and simple post by Michael Lieberman who nails with these guidelines for getting more leads with social media. My favorites:

1. Make it mandatory — social media is not an option.

2. Start a conversation — let consumers speak their mind and respond, and they will follow.

3. Publish content — offer helpful, non-sales content — get them educational, and even entertaining content.

4. Consistently participate — stick to it, don’t start and then stop. Your content and followers will only languish.

So, how are you spreading the word to your consumers who crave engagement?

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