Capitalizing on Multi-Screen Viewing

Capitalizing on Multi-Screen Viewing

Get Your Screen On!

It was the fourth quarter of the Rose Bowl, and Stanford was driving for what would become the winning score.

I looked away from the flat screen TV to comment on the last play. My friends ignored my riveting comments as their eyes were fixated on their iPad or iPhones.

Now I understand these multi-taskers are NFL fans probably searching for coaching updates after Black Monday. They might even be updating the previous New Year’s Eve party hijinks.

This was so much fun to watch as my friends ranged in age from 19 to 55, so multi-screening is for the whole family!

Of course, my friends are not alone as my daughters regularly demonstrate while watching television or a DVD.

Nielsen reports that some 44% o of US tablet owners and 38% of US smartphone owners use their devices daily to access social media while watching television. (Other stats are from the Nielsen 2012 Social Media Report).

So what are you to do as a marketer and content provider?  Follow these recommendations:

  1. Accommodate – –assure that your site is appealing and viewable on any form of screen, this is especially essential as more consumers access content on mobile devices. Time spent on mobile apps and the mobile web account for 63% of the year-over-year growth and overall time spent using social media.
  2. Update – – assure the content you provide is updated in real time, especially if your content relates to news of the day. Twitter has emerged as a key driver of social TV interaction. During June 2012, a third of active Twitter users tweeted about TV-related content, an increase of 27% from the beginning of the year.
  3. Stay relevant – – assure that your content is meaningful to your customers by having credible, informative, entertaining and educational content. About 35% of tablet users and 23% of smartphone users looked up information related to the TV program being watched.
  4. Multigenerational appeal – understand that young and old alike will be looking for your information. My friend and family sample demonstrates this point.

Will these friends and family be so preoccupied during the national championship game or premiere of Downton Abbey?  I think so. You?

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