The 9 Powerful ROIs Of Brand Communications

The 9 Powerful ROIs Of Brand Communications

In our new Point System, we work hard with our clients to create powerful measures for their strategies and solutions.

PR can be one of the most potent versatile visibility, credibility and energy drivers. When smart planning and sharp execution happen, it can deliver powerful ROIs for brands (these work for all brand communications):

  1. Growth – Gatorade’s meteoric rise was based on relationships formed with and the advocacy of its science by athletic trainers, sports scientists and nutritionists.
  2. Relevance – Lands’ End’s men’s apparel was repositioned successfully for business casual dress through an “Architecture of Your Wardrobe” education campaign.
  3. Motivation – the Ultra Challenge golf ball’s superior distance demos using recreational golfers “drove” them and friends to switch to the game’s new longest ball, doubling market share. 
  4. Loyalty – EAS weight loss and body building contests showed off the value of this nutritional supplement system, expanding product usage.
  5. Goodwill – McDonald’s fosters goodwill the best. From Ronald McDonald houses to All-American bands and teams to charity support globally, the company “banks” its reputation to balance problems about nutritional issues and problems at local restaurants.
  6. Distribution – dress shoe maker Allen Edmonds has opened new accounts for its men’s dress and golf shoe lines through the success of media outreach and impact coverage.
  7. Premium – SeeMore’s relaunch was led by fostering relationships and product tests with media influencers. A Masters’ victory reinforced the re-launched premium-positioned brand.
  8. Support – Brunswick Bicycles used a focused B2B education campaign to persuade retail and pro shop buyers that it planned to be a legitimate leading, positive force in the recreational cycling market.
  9. Value – Apple’s products and innovation helped it surpass ExxonMobil as the highest valued company recently, and PR has been the thrusters for this brand since its inception. That’s why its leadership fosters PR strategies as its founder did. So, some may call PR a soft driver, but when a strategy is thoughtfully developed and sharply deployed, it packs a lot of PoweR!

How are you using the versatility of PR to deliver ROI for your brand and company communications?

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  • Great article and examples! I will use this checklist to evaluate where I can improve our brand in each area.

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