8 Things Tiger Wants In His New Caddie

8 Things Tiger Wants In His New Caddie

Sad to see Tiger’s long-time Stevie Williams get the boot.  It seemed like they were the perfect great team while winning 13 of Tiger’s 14 majors.

So who will get the new job? Betting houses are setting odds on Fanny Sunneson, Nick Faldo’s caddie in his “majors” days.  A woman would be interesting.

But before the hiring is done, should we consider job requirements like these eight:

  1. Precision – must know if that distance to the flag is exactly 162 or as caddies say, ’64 or ’65.
  2. Ambition– has to want those five more majors more than his own breath.
  3. Bodyguard – physically able and ready to defend Boss in any situation.
  4. Polite – really, might help the Boss’ image rebuilding.
  5. Team guy – accept any and all changes—coaches, homes, sponsors, etc.
  6. No ego – leave it at the gates there’s only one Man, despite gallery cat calls.
  7. Vision – be able to see errant drives and green breaks like an eagle or lady bug.
  8. Intensity – bring it each and every millisecond. Tiger might still be the greatest golfer ever and he needs and wants you all, all in to win.

And for perks — think private jets, huge yachts and sprawling mansions. Oh, and possibly many extended holidays for physical or other challenges.

Hey, maybe he should let super-agent  Chubby Chandler hire his caddie. That guy gets it right from Masters to all the majors, ask Darren, Rory, Charles and Louis. Or what about Rick Reilly? The  golf reporter nailed the caddie job in his Who’s Your Caddy?

Okay, so that’s some good-natured teasing. Tiger is great for golf and sports from the large galleries and TV ratings.

So here’s to a faster and successful recovery and return to the Tour with a new caddie, who is probably already hired and announced (via Twitter).

What are those odds? And did I miss any requirements? Play well this weekend!


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