Understanding The Social Consumer, Part 3

Understanding The Social Consumer, Part 3

Here is part 3 of a post based on research by Brian Solis, author of Engage and a brilliant social media strategist. He just released research about brands, marketers and the social consumer in collaboration with the Pivot Conference (to be held later in 2011). 

Brian offers a lot of compelling information about how marketers invest time and resources in social media and who "owns" social media within a company:

Marketing pros revealed how they plan to spend their time over the next 12 months:

o Social Media: marketers plan to increase social media usage by 75% in 2011. 19% will stay at current levels and only 1% actually plan on reducing usage.

o Mobile:apps for iPhone and Droid will see a rise of 62%, 21% will remain constant and 1% will decrease.

o Microblogging: 61% will increase use of streaming apps such as Twitter and Yammer, 27% will stay the course and 5 percent will reduce current usage.

o Video: 55% of marketers will increase video production and distribution with YouTube, Vimeo and the like, 31%will continue as is, and no one plans to decrease their efforts in this category in 2011.

o Blogs:Contrary to a recent New York Times story insinuating that the statusphere would spell the end of Sm spans departments the blogosphere, brands will increase their focus on top tier blogs to reach customers and peers by 52%, with 35% staying constant and 5% reducing focus.

While every category will experience increases at various levels, there are certain platforms and networks that showed double-digit decreases in 2011.

oGeo-location networks such as Foursquare and Gowalla and Review sites will see a 10 % retraction in focus this year.

o On the contrary, brands will increase usage of virtual worlds such as Second Life by 11%.

Social media now appears to live in one primary department. When asked which departments are currently involved in social media, the results:

o 90 percent of participants pointed to marketing.

o PR followed with 64 percent.

o Sales showed a strong presence with 46 percent

o Customer service made the list with a solid 39 percent.

o Investor relations made an appearance with 8 percent, a telling sign of the future.

So, this concludes this three-part series on the social consumer, offering some very revealing and valuable information about the social consumer. The Pivot Conference is October 17-19.

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