Understanding Marketers and the Social Consumer, Part 2

Understanding Marketers and the Social Consumer, Part 2

Here is part 2 of a post based on research by Brian Solis, author of Engage and a brilliant social media strategist. He just released research about brands, marketers and the social consumer in collaboration with the Pivot Conference (to be held later in 2011). 

Brian offers a lot of compelling information about social media success, social consumer value to brands, social consumers as important targets and ad and marketing budgets: Sm pivot success

o 73% find social media programs to be successful.

o 4% say that social media is not delivering as hoped. However, a full 23% cannot  yet tell. (Expect this number to decrease by this time next year.)

o 59 % see social consumers as pivotal to the brand, and as such, welcome their involvement and participation.

o 22 % are proceeding with caution, maintaining control over process.

o 84 percent of brands and agencies participating in this study see the social consumer as a primary or secondary target in 2011.

o The average annual marketing/advertising budget for those who could disclose it was $16.8 million. 24 % of that budget, on average, was allocated to social media. Sm central to brands

So, while there's still some evolution going on here, brands and marketers continue to see social consumers as pivotal and a primary market.

The Pivot Conference will be held October 17-19. 

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