Understand Marketers and the Social Consumer, Part 1

Understand Marketers and the Social Consumer, Part 1

Brian Solis, author of Engage and a brilliant social media strategist, just released research about brands, marketers and the social consumer in collaboration with the Pivot Conference (to be held later in 2011). 

Brian offers a lot of compelling information which I am breaking down into three different posts, so they   can be appreciated. This first post is about marketers opinions about different social media roles: 

o Customer Focus: leading the list, 69% believe social media is a component of an effective customer Sm dominant focus2 relations program.

o Brand Impact: 66% believe that social media has a significant impact on companies and brands.

o State of Adoption: 57% see advertising and marketing in the early stages of capitalizing on social media.

o Social Media as a Differentiator: surprisingly, only 35 % see social media as fundamentally different from all other media. (Solis predicts this will change over time as brands look beyond traditional command and control strategies in new media.)

o Social Media as a Disruptor: 22 % see social media as a Trojan Horse in the market, giving hope to emerging brands seeking to displace established brands.

For golf brands and marketers, these insights and those in parts 2 and 3 continue to show the relevance and value of social media in the marketing mix.  The Pivot Conference is October 17-18, 2011.

Readers, I know you will benefit from parts 2 and 3 about this research.

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