Internet Keeps Gaining On TV As Public’s Main News Source

Internet Keeps Gaining On TV As Public’s Main News Source

I value the research of the Pew Research Center about news consumption especially related to the growing importance of the Internet.

A recent report shows the internet is slowly gaining on television as Americans' main source of national and international news.

Currently, 41% say they get most of their news from the Internet, which is a small change over the past two years but up 17 points since 2007.

Here are some other compelling results: 

o Television remains the most widely used news source, 66% of Americans say so, but that is down from Most get news ch1  74% three years ago and 82% as recently as 2002.

o More people cite the Internet more than newspapers as their main news source, reflecting Internet growth and the gradual decline in newspaper readership (from 34% in 2007 to 31% now).

o Those citing radio as their main news source has remained relatively stable in recent years; currently, 16% say it is their main source.

Looking at different generations’ news consumption suggests these trends are likely to continue.

o In 2010, for the first time, the Internet surpassed TV as the main news source for people younger than age 30. Since 2007, the number of 18 to 29 year olds citing the Internet has nearly doubled, from 34% to 65%.

o Over this period, the number of young people citing TV as their main news source has dropped from 68% to 52%. 

Golf marketers thinking of older demographic, pay attention to these stats: 

o Among ages 30 to 49, the Internet is on track to equal, or perhaps surpass, TV as their main news source  within the next few years. Now, 48% say the internet is their main source — up 16 points from 2007 — and 63% cite television — down 8 points.

o The Internet has grown as a news source for people ages 50 to 64; currently 34% say the Internet is their main news source, nearly equal to the number who cite newspapers (38%), though still far below television (71%).

o There has been relatively little change in the how people ages 65 and older get their news. The Internet has risen to 14% from 5% in 2007, but is still far behind newspapers (47%) and television (79%) as a News source 2  main source.

o Over the past three years, the number saying TV is their main source has fallen across all age groups; 16 points among 18-29 year-olds, eight points among those ages 30 to 49, and six points among those ages 50 and older.

So, is news business undergoing an evolution as suggested by Vartan Kupelian , renowed sports writer and current president of the Golf Writers Association of America? What media is your best choice to communicate your story and sell your product?

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