GolfTEC, A Golf Brand Successfully Using Social Media Marketing

GolfTEC, A Golf Brand Successfully Using Social Media Marketing

Here's a golf brand that is getting and enjoying initial success using social media marketing — GolfTEC (GT) – the nation’s largest golf instruction company. 

The company and its improvement centers are using a blend of national and local social media marketing (SMM) initiatives. They are generating more business and creating more powerful connections and engagement between its coaches and their clients. 

Specifically, GolfTEC has developed a Facebook strategy centered on its national page and 40 regional pages such as this established page in Cleveland and this emerging page in Atlanta. The pages already are generating traffic with GolfTEC coaches collaborating with the corporate social media team on a consistent basis to develop their local fan pages.

 I think the company's evolving success is based on these strategies: Golftec lessons

1. Local impact and engagement – it has taken its social media presence to a local level that fosters engagement, creating conversation and connection between coaches and clients. Their fan pages share event invitations, clients’ success stories, coaches’ outings, etc. 

2. Brand management –- the local SM efforts are empowered and enhanced through collaboration with the corporate social media and marketing team. The national team assists with strategic support, post guidelines and Facebook management tips. As such, information, news and education content stays relevant, compelling, fresh and true to business goals and the brand’s reputation.

 3. Content management –- the company is managing its fan pages and content to avoid confusion between the national and regional pages. Coaches are encouraged to tell clients they can join GolfTEC on Facebook regionally and nationally to receive the full range of information. Its web design team is organizing links to all the active regional pages on its website.

4. SM platform focus–-  on where its customers are – Facebook – because the brand believes that site has a larger number of GolfTEC clients and potential clients than any other social network. It is the first social network that people join, and involves more clients of GolfTEC. This allows its fan base to grow faster. All GolfTEC’s efforts also are supported by Twitter and the GT blog

5. Expansion and viral potential — Facebook allows GolfTEC to connect to partners who are also on the social network site including EWGA, Eye Line Golf and Nature Valley Golf and other golf brands.

 6. Time hook– GolfTEC joined Facebook in March of 2010 with a Birdie Season promotion where its fans could share their best birdie story. 

7. Having fun – whether it’s Birdie Season or a Halloween Scariest Swing Contest, the GolfTEC team is having fun with social media marketing, which is what the game of golf is supposed to be about, right?

So what results has GolfTEC seen? 

The company is excited and enthusiastic about social media marketing and is developing benchmarks for its success. So far, the brand has 40 pages,18 have fans and more than 20 GT coaches, owners and managers are posting on Facebook. There are now more than 1,500 national site fans and nearly 1,000 local Facebook fans with 10 fans joining each week.  

Kudos to GolfTEC and their SMM team. It is an organization and brand that are really strategic and committed to producing great results. I would expect better business from social media marketing. 

Thanks to GolfTEC Digital Marketing Specialist Emily Aldredge, who is a member of the GolfTEC in-house agency team, who provided this information and is helping produce this social media marketing strategy and tactics.

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