Twitter Followers Better Than Facebook Fans?

Twitter Followers Better Than Facebook Fans?

A recent report reveals that Twitter (TW) followers might be more valuable for a brand than Facebook (FB) fans. It also suggests that TW followers are more likely to induce advocacy and loyalty than FB fans.  

That's according to the final edition of ExactTarget’s “Subscribers, Fans and Followers” report, which also reports that the differences between email, Facebook and Twitter also include their influence on customer SubscriberFollowerChart092910 loyalty.

Check out these report findings:

twice as likely as daily Facebook users who “liked” a brand to say they were more likely to purchase from the brand after becoming a social media follower. 

o Additionally, Facebook fans were the most likely group to actively disagree with the question.

o Subscribers to opt-in marketing emails fell in the middle.

o The pattern among TW followers, email subscribers and FB fans was similar when asked about whether they would recommend a brand.

o A third of Twitter followers said they were more apt to make a recommendation now that they followed a brand, compared with 24% of email subscribers and 21% of Facebook fans.

o Again, those who “liked” a brand on Facebook were most likely to actively disagree with the statement.

A February 2010 survey by Chadwick Martin Bailey also found that Twitter followers were more likely than Facebook fans to say they had an increased chance of buying or recommending the brands they connected with in social media.

As you plan your future social media marketing and communications efforts, be sure to consider: Recommend Subscriber Chart092910

o Factors above make Twitter followers attractive to marketers, but as the ExactTarget report notes, because of Twitter’s much smaller user base just 3% of US internet users follow a brand through the  microblogging service.

o Those who do follow brands on Twitter are likely to be influencers in general.

o Facebook users are more like the average consumer.

o FB users often transfer their real-life brand fandom to FB sites, so it may be harder for them to actually increase their spending or advocate for the brand more than they did before “liking.”

What do I think? Factor the above into your SM strategies, but what can be more valuable:

o Your social media strategies should not be independent but interdependent on each other. Think old school integration concept.

o Each strategy should fulfill a specific need. TW is for news and special offers and discounts, and can be a website, blog and FB page driver.

o FB is for building your fans, who while might already be a customer, but can still draw their friends into favoring your brand.

o Blog is for your thought leadership, idea generation and influencer engagement.

o Email is your recruiter into all these social media platforms.

o Depending on your goals (think Educate, Inform, Influence, Entertain, Engage and Expose (the ole 4E2I), one focused and robust SM strategy and platform might be the most powerful.

One final thought is so well presented in this post by Tim Baker:

"Facebook is for the people who you know while Twitter is for those you want to know."

Nice. so golf marketers, how are you making all your Sm platforms work for your brand and organization?  

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  • Brett Brooks

    Great post! I’ve been neglecting our Twitter account lately in favor of Facebook because interactions seem to take place there a lot more. I realize I need to re-focus on the interdependency of these tools to improve our strategy and spend a little more time on Twitter.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Thanks, Brett. Twitter gets more interesting by the day as marketing and communications tool. Check out this Chris Brogan post on 5o Power Twitter tips. Have a terrific day,

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