Facebook Surpassing Brands’ Websites, Surprised?

Facebook Surpassing Brands’ Websites, Surprised?

It's like that Poltergeist line, "They're Here."  But they're not ghosts, they are real Facebook (FB) fans in real numbers.  

Face it (pardon the pun). Facebook is becoming the biggest relationship marketing provider, according to Ad Age and DBMScan, which does data base marketing in packaged goods, quick serve restarurants and pharmaceutical businesses. Check out this table on the largest Facebook fan pages. Fbbrandsites

This Ad Age story by Jack Neff offers these compelling insights:

1. US web traffic to brand sites rarely exceeds 6 figures, and DBMS already can count 37 branded FB pages with a least 1M fans just among consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail, pharmaceutical and fast food businesses.

2. FB fans are becoming the largest web presence ahead of brand sites and email programs because traditional sites are "atrophying or more because more consumers are migrating to social media."

3. Coke with 10.7M FB fans has 3 to 4 times the FB base as MyTown and Foursquare have registered users. (At least 11 brands have FB fan pages that have grown larger than biggest geo-location providers). US visitors to Coke's brand site fell by more than 40% to 242K in July v. July 09 Kraft Oreo page has shown similar results.

Neff advises that marketers are driving this trend as they direct fans to their pages through multi-media tags. He also reports that some brands like Starbucks and Walgreens are not seeing declines in site traffic.

Starbucks attributes that to substantial e-commerce traffic. Walgreen's with a FB fan base of more than 500K saw no drop in site traffic which reached 6.7M in July, according to Compete. The company believes frequent, short updates and those that answer questions work best on Facebook.

So, what's this all about? This is driven by these success factors and other ways that brands deliver value on Facebook and other channels: Photoshop-heart-brushes-21

1. Brands have embraced FB and are using it to encourage, nurture and bond with fans.

2. These brands are community builders and beneficiaries.

3. These brands use social media to Inform, Educate, Entertain, Engage and Influence customers or as I call it the ole IEEI sandwich. Corny, but I'm from Ohio, ok?

4. They focus on SM catalysts like content, conversation and concentration to make FB and other SM channels succeed.

5. Fans talk, brands listen and respond. No billboarding, ignorance or arrogance toward fans, customers and influencers.

6. They have fully invested in and are leveraging this valuable marketing strategy with SM managers, systems and strategies.  

DBMS/Scan has it right. FB and related SM platforms because of their dynamic, real-time engagement and factors like those above are growing stronger as relationship builders daily.

Golf brands are perfect for this, right? They're all about passion, communities, the inside and insights. So let's get going golf brands! 

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