The Differences in Email, Facebook & Twitter Audiences’ Engagement

The Differences in Email, Facebook & Twitter Audiences’ Engagement

Image Email Facebook FollowersAudiences do differ when engaging on email, Facebook and Twitter. Simple demographics offer no clear indication of how they engage. In fact, engagement is personal and depends on psychographics.

There is little cannibalization among the three channels, and instead, there is significant overlap, according to Exact Target "Subscribers, Fans and Followers" report.

Most Web users studied were engaged with brands only through marketing emails and nearly 33% subscribed to emails and friended brands on Facebook. The vast majority of social media fans or followers also were email subscribers.

Exact's Morgan Stewart feels that consumers "don't silo" their brand social media engagement but rather "layer marketing channels" on top of one another to meet their special objectives.

Interesting report findings:

o 94% of daily email users subscribe to marketing messages.

o 66% of daily Facebook users were brand fans.

o 40% or so Twitter users follow a company or brand.

Image Average brands engaged email, facebookWhen analyzed psychographically, the report found different engagement patterns:

– Email appeals to just about everybody.

o Facebook fans tend to be younger and shared a motivation for entertainment and the ability to publicly show brand support.

– Twitter appeals to most consumers who want to be current and "in the know."

Takeaways from this report:

1. Email is the preferred channel for brand engagement among heavier users of social media sites.

2. Facebook can be effectively used for both informative and entertaining communications.

3. Twitter can be successful in delivering information about new products and services or other brand initiatives.

4. Brands can benefit from multi-layered, integrated email and social media strategies as suggested in this National Golf Foundation report on golfers' social media uses.

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  • Hi Kevin,
    Great summary and insights from Exact Target’s report here. I think these numbers really show just how important an integrated strategy is to making headway in the digital space. There is no one-size-fits-all social platform, and the marketing methods for each one require their own planning efforts and strategies. The more these networks grow and develop, the more information we’ll be able to harness about human behavior to tailor our initiatives better. This is a great start.
    Teresa Basich
    Community Manager, Radian6

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