Six Smart Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Blog

Six Smart Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Blog

Thought leadership, skills and expertise demonstration, generating leads and promoting successes are all valuable business reasons to create your own blog.

But before you go crazy blogging, it will be valuable to ask yourself these six questions developed by Elisa Camahort of Worker Bees. I found them in a terrific book, Blog Schmog, written by Robert Bly.

Here are the six questions. Bly's book has more details:

1. What are your blog's goal(s)? Update product and service information, promote professional usage, address product issues and challenges to help design solutions or overcoming misconceptions? My blog goal is to demonstrate my knowledge, experience and successes in golf marketing and social media. Check out this superblogger Debbie Weil list of corporate and brand blogs for inspiration.

Image Blog_chat2. Who is your target audience? Sure, the Web opens your blog to a massive audience, but the target and the quality of your readers is the most important consideration. So write for them. I write for golf executive and marketers and golf brands who want to understand the value of social media, best practices and insights. 

3. How are you going to measure success? Will it be through unique visitors, measured by organic search before and after you start blogging? Some bloggers measure their blog success by how much publicity it generates in mainstream media and how many media queries it generates. Here some success measurement ideas.

4. Who's going to blog? Is it the CEO, CMO or CR&D or is it the customer service guru (like Ben Fowler at the National Golf Foundation), plant manager, product designer, PGA Tour Rep or guest bloggers (from media, industry groups, etc.) Here are secrets of guest bloggers from Online Tips. Who does your audience want to hear from? The subject matter expert should be the blogger. Don't ask a customer service manager to write about what pros want in a golf shaft the week of a major tournament.

5. How are you going to manage the ongoing feedback that social media provides? If someone criticizes you online, will you ignore them, delete or engage them now? A timely and thorough system for doing this is valuable and critical.

6. How will you integrate your blog with your regular Website? Will it be independent with its own URL or a button on your website? I suggest a separate URL site, if budget permits, to have another lead or audience generator from your website, thus driving more traffic.

So, it's simple. I have always liked what the Scotty Cameron blog does to show the putter designer's thought leadership and appeal to his fan community.

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