66% of Web Users To Visit Social Networks in 2014

66% of Web Users To Visit Social Networks in 2014

Image Snemarketer2052710They're coming to social networks (SN) in droves and in age groups that might surprise you. And guess what, old news is that young adults and teens are the primary SN users.

Topline? By 2014, it is estimated that nearly 66% of all Web users or almost 165M US people will be regular users of social networks. That's up from 57.5% or 127M who use those networks in '10, according to eMarketer.

By 2014, nearly two-thirds of all Internet users, or 164.9 million people, will be regular users of social networks.

Other compelling and important insights:  

1. SN audience expanded sharply beyond its popular base of teens and young adults. In 2010, 59.2% of adult Web users will visit SN monthly, up from 52.4% in '09. 

2. In 2010, 60% of Web users of ages 35 to 44 old and 50% of those 45-to-54 will use social networks at least once a month. Women, especially moms, are still driving much of the growth. Golf's greatest growth opportunity is women, right?

Image SNemarketer0527103. Changes will be more pronounced in 2014 when more than one-half (56.8%) of the 55-to-64 aged Internet users will visit social networks regularly that year, up from 34.3% in 2009.

4. Even seniors 65 and up, only 14.1% of whom used social networks in 2009, will get in on the act, reaching 37.9% penetration in 2014.

Golf brands and marketers, happy hunting on social networks as status updating, commenting and sharing openly are activities that are gaining momentum, according to a new National Golf Foundation report.

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