Introducing Social Media Boot Camp

Introducing Social Media Boot Camp

We are introducing a Social Media Boot Camp to teach golf companies about effective and proven social media strategies and actions to build their business.

Image FitnessThe Boot Camp consists of a full-day One-on-One or Team education session on the three key elements of social media marketing – listening, participating and measuring. Specifically, brands will learn how to:

· Listen – develop online brand and golf industry tracking and monitoring mechanisms and tips and best practices on managing negative and leverage positive mentions.

· Participate –build a list of online marketing channels and create social media tools to implement including blogs, social media profiles, engagement strategies and podcasting. 

· Measure – create a metrics framework to measure the effectiveness of each recommended solution.

Social media is a perfect marketing strategy because of golfers’ passion, curiosity and penchant for talking about and sharing insider news and ideas. However, simply launching a Facebook page, placing television commercials on YouTube and creating LinkedIn profiles are not effective social media strategies.

Golf marketers will benefit from aligning Sm strategies, tools and tactics with specific business goals. Our BootCamp teaches them how to do that and using three key elements to create a proven, business-building social media strategy and action plan.”

I believe brands will gain from getting “inside the ropes” of social media now. He cites compelling industry and business research from the National Golf Foundation, Experian, Chitika, Pew Center, Nielsen and UMass about growing influence and power of social media marketing.

Marketers can contact me for a customized proposal on Macali’s Social Media Boot Camp.

Macali Communications is a marketing and communications company specializing in helping brands and companies succeed in golf marketing, public relations and social media. In addition to traditional marketing and PR services, Macali offers a comprehensive range of social media services and programs. The Macali Communications Blog offers social media news, advice, trends and insights.    

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