12 Reputations You Must Monitor Online

12 Reputations You Must Monitor Online

What reputations does your organization need to monitor online?

You will benefit from tracking these 12 reputations, according to online reputation expert Andy Beal:

1. Your name – no matter how small your organization or brand is, you always need to know about social and mainstream media coverage. You can have the opportunity to link to positive messages on your website.  

2. Your company name – this is a given, and also look for legacy company names and popular abbreviations of your company name.

3. Your brand name — you must follow all or your most important brands for positive and negative feedback to improve product and services and build customer relationships.

4. Your company executives — always be aware of what is being said about company leadership.

5. Your company's media spokespeople — anyone who speaks for the company should be monitored.

6. Your slogan or marketing message – what is being said about your slogan, is it well received or is it being comprised?

Image Reputation management robot7. The competition — you can use what people are saying about your competition to improve your product. Reputation management can also assist with competitive research and analysis.

8. Your industry – you can observe industry trends for your own benefit. You can learn about product's performance and use that information to improve your product and service. You can also learn about new innovations as they are announced to stay ahead of the curve.

9. Your weaknesses – your product and service aren't perfect and people are talking about their flaws. You can use this feedback to improve and grow your brand.

10. Your business partners — this is an excellent way to know the good and bad news about agencies, allies and colleagues involved with or interested in being involved with your business.

11. Your clients – hear something great or bad about your clients? Alerting or congratulating them will help their business and reinforce your relationship.

12. Your intellectual property  – any trademarks or copyrights should be actively monitored for infringement abuse or mistaken identity.

Thanks to social media expert Tamar Weinberg for bringing Andy's direction to my attention. Check out Tamar's new book for more social media ideas and insights.

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