Get Smarter, Get Business, Read This Book

Get Smarter, Get Business, Read This Book

Book cover The New Community Rules by Tamar WeinbergI’ve begun reading a highly recommended book on social media (Sm) marketing strategy, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web by Tamar Weinberg, a preeminent Sm marketing marketing expert.

This is an excellent read, with some of the most practical, insightful applications and information available. It’s a must book for your marketing and PR library. Tamar discusses many valuable subjects and two that are particularly valuable: Sm goals and why Sm is different.

Tamar describes Sm goals you can achieve as:

1. Bringing traffic to your website.

2. Driving relevant links to your website.

3. Making consumers brand-aware.

4. Driving conversions.

5. Triggering conversations.

Tamar also very brilliantly explains why Sm marketing is different with these three points:

1. Facilitates natural discovery of new content.

2. Boosts traffic numbers.

3. Builds strong relationships.

This is an exceptionally insightful and practical book, which I am eager to finish. When you read it, you will become more strategic, smart and successful in Sm marketing.

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