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I am sure you’ve heard about Twitter by now.  The free service allows you to update your friends on this network (they are called your ‘followers’) with short messages which you can enter via the website or a mobile device.  You in turn can choose interesting characters and friends on the network to ‘follow’, thus being updated of all the tiny messages they are posting.  It’s fun, hip, and fast becoming a must-do PR and marketing tool for brands.

This article from Mashable details how 40 big brands use Twitter to reach out and connect with their customers and business partners.

In our niche, there are about 500 golf related brands and people on Twitter now – Wilson Golf, Troon Golf, Cleveland Golf, PGA, Motion Golf are all fairly active users.  To give you a better idea of how you can use Twitter, I have summarized below a few patterns and suggestions:

1. Broadcast a postive news or review about your brand: “Golf Magazine showcases the Club Buyers Guide for 2009 in May issue! GO WILSON!”

2. Promote deals, specials, and events: “Here’s a deal for you. Play Troon North GC and receive a free Odyssey putter when you check-in! More info at this link

3. Announce a new product or service: “Nickent Golf will
be releasing an interchangeable shaft model of the 4 DX Evolver. To
allow you to change out your shaft based on conditions”

4. Create interesting content for your customers/followers: I cannot find a real example of this, but how about doing a hole-by-hole commentary for tournaments? This is especially relevant if you have  sponsored players (or players using your brand) on tour. 

Questions? Ideas? Please share them with us.

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