Telling the Truth: Golf ‘s $76B Economic Impact

Telling the Truth: Golf ‘s $76B Economic Impact

Once again, another prominent and misguided reporter has generalized golf as the root of all evil in business, the economy and society in his USA Today opinion piece. 

Image MoneygolfballTo counter this attack on golf, I blogged recently about positive golf stories, ranging from "life changing" caddie scholarships to how golf is being used to help Alzheimer's patients.

Today, let's talk about golf's positive economic impact. The most recent and comprehensive study by SRI International entitled the 2005 Golf Economy Report showed golf provided:

o $76B in direct economic impact.

o $195B in direct, indirect, induced and total economic impact.

o 2M jobs created with wage income of $61B.

o $28B from facility operations > revenues of all pro and semi-pro sports combined.

o > impact than motion pictures/videos ($74B); performing arts, spectator sports and related industries ($65B); and newspapers ($50B).

o $3.5B in charities support. 

o $33B total impact on "enabled" industries like hospitality/tourism ($18B) and real estate ($15B).

So, I get this was a USA Today opinion piece, but that writer's misguided perceptions should not be ignored and then become reality.

Golfers, golf sponsors, golf tournaments, fans and the American public deserve to know these facts  about how golf really contributes to the US economy and beyond.

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