Let’s Focus on Some Good Golf News

Let’s Focus on Some Good Golf News

Hey, it's easy to feel down about golf and the economy, and even use golf-related spending as a scapegoat for the recession.

But trust me there are many positive golf endeavors like these that make you feel proud, while they help grow the "golf" brand in special ways:

  • The Chick Evans Scholarship Foundation which continues to give more and more scholarships to financially needy and scholarly male and female caddies (fyi, I am an Evans Scholars alumnus and WGA director who owes so much to this "life changing" scholarship) link to Evans Scholars Foundation.
  • Photo Evans ScholarsGolf's 20/20, a new highly researched and smart game development program, which is signing up many courses to execute its innovative approach link to Golf 20/20.
  • The Tiger Woods Foundation, where this legend is putting his money where his mouth is and helping educate kids in his father's legacy link to Tiger Woods Foundation.
  • The American Junior Golf Association (AJGA), which grows in its international influence, not only in staging junior tournaments, but helping young men and women learn about running golf tournaments link AJGA.
  • Established local golf community organizations like the Salesman in Dallas or the Thunderbirds in Phoenix, who give their time, talent and treasure to make their local tournaments so successful, donating more and more money to local charities.
  • The Daniel Murphy Scholarship which provides high school scholarships to needy kids and involves them in caddying to learn life skills link Daniel Murphy Scholarship Foundation.

So during Masters Week, when we all feel great about golf, take some time to think of other efforts that give golf a great name and help build the golf brand. And pass them along to me when you can.  

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  • Nice work, Kevin! All the negativity out there gets tedious. The points of light are still numerous, as you’ve shown. I’m reminded of the saying that applies to the golf industry right now: Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise. Fresh ideas are born in times like these.

  • Golf is a great game and it is wonderful that these organizations make it possible for our young golf lovers to explore the possibilities available.

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